Please mark your support needs on the registration form and contact us if you cannot find a suitable offer.


Unfortunately the venues are not completely barrier-free. However we will make sure people with special needs are supported and will provide assistance. As a hybrid event, online participation is also possible, and we endeavour to offer reduced participation fees for groups of people in need. Possible language barriers are overcome through language coaching for speakers.

In order to enable all people to actively participate in the events, the needs of people with disabilities (e.g. limited mobility, visual or hearing impairments) are taken into account and measures are taken to make the event accessible. If you require any assistance please let us know during the registration process.


The diversity of participants is taken into consideration. People with special needs will receive support in all areas of the conference. All catering options at the conference will be signposted. There will be lactose-free and vegetarian/vegan options. Registration forms and name badges will include the name but not the gender. Gender-neutral wording is used in all conference documents and on the website. If required, self-organised childcare is possible on site (please ask for our family-room).


In all areas of the working groups and organisational teams as well as between researchers and practitioners, an exchange on an equal footing is strived for. All European countries are to be considered equally in the evaluation and selection of contributions. Attention will be paid to the gender balance of presenters (keynotes, chair).


A supportive attitude is cultivated in all areas of the conference when dealing with enquiries. The commitment of allparticipants (including each other) is supported, not hindered or made more difficult.