In line with Green Events Hamburg and the guidelines for sustainable event planning of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, sustainability will be taken into account in the following areas in particular:


We recommend the use of environmentally friendly means of transport. We create incentives for the most sustainable (and most creative) journey. Information on this will follow. If CO₂ emissions cannot be avoided, measures should at least be taken to reduce emissions as far as possible (e.g. CO₂ compensation options when booking flights).


We recommend Hamburg hotels for conference guests that work according to ecological criteria and/or are certified as sustainable. Hotels in booking portals can also be researched according to sustainability criteria.


During the conference, we offer products from organic farming and fair trade (e.g. coffee, tea, juices). We prioritise the use of seasonal and environmentally friendly food. We offer vegan/vegetarian catering. We encourage all participants to bring their own bottles. Refill Systems for drinks are used wherever possible. We do not use disposable crockery. The dishes are labelled in such a way that foods that trigger allergies or intolerances can be clearly identified.


We will not use decorations that cannot be reused. We generally favour natural/renewable materials instead of plastic. We decorate with potted plants instead of cut flowers.

Waste Management

We aim to minimise packaging waste, e.g. by using reusable packaging and ordering in large containers.

Giveaways and conference material

We will do without superfluous, short-lived promotional items as far as possible. Our giveaways offer added value and are useful accessories during the conference and beyond. We endeavor to have the speaker gifts produced from sustainable materials.