University of Music and Drama Hamburg


The Hamburg University of Music and Drama (HfMT) is one of the largest artistic and academic universities in Germany. In addition to instrumental and vocal training, teacher training and drama courses, church music and composition/music theory, the range of courses has been expanded since the 1980s to include Jazz, Pop, cultural and media management, multimedia composition, music therapy, directing music theater / directing drama and dramaturgy.   

This broad range of content enables the HfMT to develop interdisciplinary areas of experience and research in addition to its curricular expertise and thus to react quickly and flexibly to new aesthetic and social trends. In this way, the most appropriate artistic, academic or pedagogical training is always reflected in relation to the world environment and is manifested in the principle of "artistic excellence in social responsibility”.

Music Therapy was founded in 1974 at Hamburg University of Music and Drama and has one of the oldest music therapy training programs in Germany with an ongoing psychodynamic tradition.